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Overview of our Sales & distribution solutions

Salesroll is a trustworthy process of Inventory, Sales and Distribution management, which will help you to manage your manufacturing and sales inventory in accurate and dependable way. It is offering both inventory management for raw materials and finished products. The purchasing of raw materials, inventory accounts, new products addition with cost and vat, unit of measurement. This spans the end-to- end value chain for operations, it delivers value through enabling operational excellence, cost reduction, compliance and better customer delivery performance.


Outstanding features


•    Maintain Security Management
•    Record names of the material master 
•    Set cost of the products on unit of measurement
•    Opening inventory organize appropriately
•    Transfer facility of material to multiple store
•    Lot & batch entrance of product in inventory
•    Inventory account for finished products
•    Initialize selling price of finished products
•    Facility to customer credit control
•    Record detail of the customer
•    supplier master
•    Integrated Purchase & Procurement
•    Integrated Accounts