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Overview of our Human Resource Management System

Full Alert HRM has been configured to optimized efficiency in terms of the users of the system, which will help you to make better strategic business policies and will provide the finest control over your employees & payroll management. It deals with the financial aspects of employee details, attendance & leave management, salary disbursement with payroll items & pay scale settings, allowances, schedule & unscheduled payment, advance wages, loan calculation etc. and generation of pay-slips for a specific period as well as all required advanced reports. It can be customized and upgraded easily to meet the needs of organizations of any dimension.


Outstanding features


•    Manage HR & Compliance
•    Record Recruitment Information of employee 
•    Manage Attendance with daily, weekly and monthly
•    Record information of Leave management
•    Utilize Payroll management
•    Facility to Provident Fund management
•    Handles issues like loan management and advance wages
•    Record information of Final settlement
•    Maintain KPI record
•    Employee Appraisal
•    Utilize Tax setup detail management
•    Facility to Gratuity management