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With the fast changing market conditions and business scenarios, enterprises are expecting unprecedented support and business continuity from their IT application portfolios. Enterprise Application Services (EAS) practice at CREATRIX SOFT LTD. offers package and platform-led services to transform customer’s business and IT operations. The group leverages its Blue Ocean global alliances with SAP, Oracle and Microsoft to deliver services spanning from blue printing, development, deployment, global rollouts to application maintenance and support in areas such as ERP, CRM and SCM. With a strong team of 100+ ERP consultants expert in integration, best-in-class implementation and upgrade tools and accelerators, CREATRIX SOFT LTD. is a partner of choice for enterprises across industries for revitalizing their existing ERP investments.

The enterprise applications world has now reached a point of inflection, giving rise for the integration of Enterprise Application Services (EAS) to support the critical parts of the business and to take the performance of your enterprise to un-reached levels. At CREATRIX SOFT LTD., we understand your need to adapt to changing technology trends like SOA and SaaS that transform the way software is developed (SOA) and delivered (SaaS), and provide solutions that enable you to look ahead into future business ecosystem.

CREATRIX SOFT LTD. Enterprise Application Services line of business is focused on providing package and platform-led services ranging from blue printing, development, deployment, global rollouts, helpdesk support, to application maintenance in areas such as ERP, CRM, SCM, OBRM and Middleware. The EAS group uses a platform-focused approach to provide technology-based business optimization.

Technology-based business optimization is the cornerstone of our enterprise applications line of business. This optimization is achieved in two ways:
Stage-based offerings
Process-driven optimization

Stage-based offerings are focused on application consolidation, global single instance, platform development, and service enablement, while Process-driven optimization deals with processes like partner integration, unified customer view and single sign-on to deliver business optimization.